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Epic Sana Algarve Hotel, Portugal. A Memorable Family Getaway

Living the Good Life:

Let me take you on a ride through our unforgettable family vacation at the Epic Sana Algarve Hotel in Portugal. It is located at the highest point of Falésia Beach in Albufeira. This super luxurious resort and spa is like a special and nature-friendly place, right by the beach.

Praia da Falésia – one of the most awesome beaches in Portugal – has 6 km of smooth, golden sand and super clear water. The cliffs there look all different shades of orange and are just stunning.

EPIC SANA Algarve makes this already cool place even better. They've got all sorts of accommodations, lots of restaurants & bars, and tons of stuff to do. It's a dreamy spot to chill and have fun!

Beautiful suites and rooms with balconies to admire the beautiful views!

Foodie Adventures:

Epic Sana knows how to tickle those taste buds. Different restaurants to choose from with many menu options. We definitely tried them all!

They have a Japanese restaurant UDDO, the food and the decoration is impressive! Another beautiful restaurant was AL QUIMIA which serves delicious seafood, an incredible experience of Mediterranean cuisine. My parents enjoyed the wine with their food, and later we enjoyed great desserts. Another night, we tried Italian cuisine at LIMA, another beautiful restaurant a place which gives you a view of the pretty pine forest and well-kept gardens. Plus, you can see the awesome outdoor pool from there. At the main part of the Resort, there's a really nice place called the ABYAD Buffet Restaurant, where we enjoyed a breakfast buffet, they also offered dinner buffet options. While enjoying at the pool, there is a restaurant called the OPEN DECK that serves a healthy menu with salads and fresh juice,

We dined like royalty, hopping from one restaurant to another. Fresh local flavors, international delights – you name it, they had it. But the best part? Those family meals where we share great moments with the most amazing dishes, moments that will always be in my memories!


But hold up, let's talk about the gym – yeah, I know, fitness on vacation? But this place had me hooked. And guess what? I turned it into my personal TikTok stage, bringing some flair to my workouts and sharing the good vibes with the world. At the resort there are tennis courts, golf court, volleyball, and also a great spa & wellness center. So much to do!

Treasured Family Moments:

Beyond all the fancy amenities, what truly made our stay epic was the quality time we spent as a family. We spent time at the beach, pool time was a blast, and being able to gaze at the stunning views.

The Epic Sana Algarve Hotel wasn't just a place to vacation, it was a hub of connection, joy, and memories. Our vacation was a blend of luxury and heartwarming family moments that will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

With love,


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