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Get Ready with Me. Last first day of High School

The day we've all been waiting for has finally arrived – it's the first day of my absolute last year of high school! I'm taking you all along on this fabulous "Get Ready with Me" journey.

I never understood why people made such a big deal out of it, but now that I think about it, I’m never going to have a first day of high school again, which is just crazy to me!

Next year I’m going to college!

Anyway, let’s start getting ready!

I just start off with my basic skincare routine, washing my face, and then brushing my teeth, the basic stuff!

I literally got up extra early today, because my friends told me we’re going to take pictures. So with this in mind, I wore a dress and then brought my uniform with me. But I ended up getting to school way later than I thought, and by the time I got to school, we didn’t even take the pictures. So this whole thing was kind of for nothing, but it’s all good.

Anyway, I took a shower, had to shave my legs because I was wearing a dress, so did that.

Getting dressed!

I had to take one of my mom’s dresses, because I literally didn’t have any dresses to wear, cause they’re all in my house in Toronto. So I just picked a plain black dress to wear.


It was time to do my hair. Since I slept in a braid, it came out looking alright. I just had to curl a couple of the front pieces and just make sure that it looked a little bit more even. So I took, maybe a minute to do that. Did five to six strands and then I was done with my hair.


Then it was time for my makeup, and I normally do the least amount of makeup possible. I don’t like spending time getting ready in the morning. I value my sleep so much more! But I had a couple spots that I needed to cover up. So I just put some foundation on the spots and then some contour, that doesn’t even work anymore because my skin color right now is literally the color of my contour after my summer vacation, so honestly there was no point in even doing it, but it is what it is. Then I put some blush on, and then my favorite part, my eyebrows, and of course I had to set my makeup on my face with some spray on. And lastly the eyelashes, which actually took longer than I thought. Finally, I put some hair spray on my hair since I got my curls and I want to make sure that it stayed perfect for the pictures, which didn’t even happen!

Packing up!

I took my uniform to go, packed in my bag with my laptop and notebooks, and everything I needed. And, I put my shoes on.

Time for Breakfast!

I put half a bagel in the toaster to make my new favorite thing which is mixing cottage cheese and cocoa powder together and spread it on a chocolate chip bagel, and the put some fruit on top. Oh my goodness, it’s so good! Cottage cheese adds a little bit more protein to keep you a little bit more satiated, but I’m definitely a sweet girly in the morning and this just hits every single time. Plus, it’s so fast.

Time to Go!

And then it was time to go! I’m getting into my amazing rental car; I literally love it! I feel like such a baddie driving a pickup truck, but my Jeep is currently getting fixed.

Anyway, there’s me driving to school, and got here! Last first day of High school, what a day…!

With Love,


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