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Healthy mind, healthy athlete

Being a squash player as well as a good athlete implies much more than having a good physical condition and the proficiency that each sport demands. I’ve found that whenever my mind is calm and my body feels well, it makes a big difference in my performance while training or competing in squash.

In this blog I want to share the importance of combining these two aspects in order to reach a higher potential in sports.

In the same way, we take care of our nutrition to feel healthy, we need to take care of our mind in order to function appropriately. This implies taking care of our emotions, thoughts, and mental abilities. Athletes independent of their age or skill, often are exposed to receiving pressure from coaches, parents, or even teammates.

An athlete that nourishes the mind with positive thinking, a resilient attitude, and visualization and relaxation techniques, has more probability of maintaining an optimal performance and overcoming the challenges that arise in a sports career.

Exercise, on the other hand, is crucial to maintain a healthy body and in good shape. Exercise helps to strengthen the muscles, improves resistance, and increases cardiovascular capacity. But beyond the physical benefits that it provides, exercise also has a direct impact on our minds.

When we exercise, the brain frees hormones that are known as endorphins whose main function is to increase pleasure and reduce pain. This in turn help to improve our mood and reduce stress. Exercise also promotes a better quality of sleep, which is which is essential for recovery and tissue repair after intense training.

Combining a healthy mind with exercise, creates a great synergy that improves our physical performance. Good nutrition also helps us to keep a positive mind which aids us to overcome obstacles and to be clear on accomplishing our objectives.

What is essential is to have discipline and to establish a healthy daily routine. In order to keep a healthy mind practices like visualization, meditation, and gratitude on a daily basis, help us to reduce stress, and to develop a positive mind, and improve our focus and concentration.

In the same way, a daily routine for exercise is very important. Establishing a schedule for training, by choosing the activities we enjoy the most helps us to find equilibrium between our daily activities and also to find time for rest. This helps us to keep commitment and to keep us motivated in order to succeed in any type of activity we do every day.

In conclusion, in order to be a successful athlete and to reach our maximum potential in the sport we love, taking care of both body and mind is critical to achieving long-term success.

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