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High-Protein Breakfast

Handling my senior year in high school while also training hard for squash it’s quite a ride. Juggling school, sports, and everything else takes up a lot of my time.

Let's talk about why having a breakfast packed with protein is so important, especially considering my busy schedule and squash training. Protein is like the body's building blocks, helping muscles recover and grow. When I'm getting ready for my squash training, my muscles need the right stuff to perform well. Protein is like their superhero fuel, helping them recover faster. Plus, a protein-rich breakfast keeps me going strong throughout the morning, so I don't feel tired during classes.

If you're on the run and looking for a quick and healthy breakfast, it's important to choose foods that provide a good balance of nutrients to keep you energized and satisfied throughout the morning.

I've got two quick and tasty breakfast recipes that I'd love to share, perfect for when things get super busy.

Since I'm on my own now and mornings are rushed, these recipes have been a real lifesaver. They're quick to make and give me the energy I need to kick-start my day.

Now, onto the recipes.


While the blueberries and strawberries don't have a lot of protein, are healthy additions to this recipe because they bring vitamins, like vitamin C, and antioxidants that are good for your body. The Greek yogurt in this recipe is full of protein. When everything is mixed together, you get a yummy and balanced combination of flavors, textures, and good stuff for your body. It's a delicious and smart way to begin your day with a breakfast that gives you a good amount of energy and the things your body needs to stay healthy.


2 Scoops of Greek Yogurt - I use FAGE

2 Spoons of Cocoa Powder

Handful of Blueberries (can be frozen)

2 Strawberries


Mix all the ingredients and when mixed put in the freezer for 5 minutes


This recipe is a good source of protein for breakfast because of the cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is rich in protein, which helps your muscles and keeps you full. The other ingredients like the bagel, cocoa powder, and brown sugar add taste and texture to this recipe.


½ Bagel

1 Spoon of Cottage Cheese

½ Spoon of Cocoa Powder

½ Spoon of Brown Sugar


Toast your bagel

Mix all the ingredients and when mixed spread on top

These breakfast recipes are one of the many I like as my morning buddies. They fill me up and keep me going. If your days are crazy busy too, remember that a breakfast with lots of protein can make a big difference. It's like a secret trick to help you have an awesome day, just like it does for me. Eating a good breakfast helps you feel full for a long time before lunch and you're less likely to eat unhealthy snacks or eat too much later. Giving your body what it needs in the morning helps you stay active and clear-headed all morning until it's time for your next meal.


With Love,


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