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Must-Haves at the Kitchen

For us cooking lovers, in addition to knowing how to cook and having the necessary raw materials to prepare any type of meals, it is also necessary to have a minimum of utensils, appliances, pots, and pans in the kitchen. In this blog, I am listing some of the must-haves at the kitchen that I always use in order to prepare any type of meals.

Utensils - Kitchen utensils are smaller tools that are used to handle food:

  • Chef's Knife

  • Cutting Board

  • Mixing Bowls

  • Measuring Cups and Spoons

  • Whisk

  • Wooden Spoon

  • Tongs

  • Spatula

  • Grater

  • Colander

  • Vegetable Peeler

  • Kitchen Shears

  • Storage Bowls

  • Soup Ladle

  • Can opener

I have to say I recommend GIR, which has every kitchen tool you need!


  • Blender

  • Mixer (stand or hand)

  • Food Processor

  • Instant Pot

  • Toaster Oven

  • Immersion Blender

I personally use Kitchen Aid for many of my kitchen appliances.

Pots and Pans:

  • Skillets or Frying Pans, small and large, preferably with a non-stick surface

  • Ceramic Saucepan Saucepan with a lid, medium and large, preferably non-stick or stainless steel interior

  • Baking Sheets, preferably with a non-stick surface for easy food release

  • Aluminum Sheet Pan

  • Casserole Dish, perfect for baking casseroles, gratins, and oven-baked pasta dishes

The BEST pans I have every bough are from Our Place

You can unleash your culinary creativity and enjoy cooking to the fullest by equipping your kitchen with essential utensils, appliances, pots, and pans. Every tool in your kitchen enhances cooking, whether it is a chef's knife, an Instant Pot, a pot, or a pan. With quality utensils, appliances, pots, and pans, you'll be on your way to creating scrumptious, delicious meals that your loved ones will love as much as you do.

Let's cook!

With love,


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