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Skin-care with Raya

As I showed you on my TikTok video, I would like to share with you my Skin-care routine! I have sensitive skin so the products I use have really worked on my skin wonderfully. (Just to be clear, this is not paid advertising.)


Before you start, wash your hands thoroughly so you make sure your hands are clean before touching your face

  1. Start washing your face with the Cleansing Gel and rinse

  2. Then use the Exfoliator which has small grains in it so it feels very light (this product I use once or twice a week), makes your skin feel very soft. Wash thoroughly and dry with a towel

  3. Then Use the Vitamin B5 Serum which is very hydrating and helps retain moisture. Apply evenly in all areas of your face

  4. Then apply the Calming Botanical Mask which is very thick. I use it as an overnight moisturizer

  5. And lastly for acne spots (if you have them) use the Salicylic Acid Serum

Skincare is a form of self-love, and embracing it can have transformative results. Please note that every skin type is different and that this is my personal favorite products that work very well for my type of skin!

Wishing you the joy of a healthy, and radiant skin!

With love,


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