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Training Squash: combining skill, strategy, and sweat

Squash is a sport that I really enjoy playing and has become my favorite! Since the first time I stepped onto a court, I realized how powerful it is this sport. It requires a good physical condition, a lot of coordination, strategic thinking, and takes pure adrenaline during every match. Squash has become an integral part of my life and I love to share in this blog why I love to train!

For those who are not familiar with this sport, Squash is an indoor racquet game that is played in a four-walled court. Being an indoor sport it allows me to train at any time of the day. No matter what the weather is like, I can always go and play.

Physical condition:

To play squash I have to be in a great physical condition. The intense rallies and continuous body movements require me to have aerobic fitness to allow me to run and move fast across the court, and to be able to swing for an hour or more. I also need flexibility to reach for tight drop shots, a lot of strength to control the racquet and hit the ball with power, and mental focus to be concentrated in every match. It requires adaptability to constantly changing situations on the court.

To get aerobic fitness, strength conditioning, and flexibility, I do some outdoor running sessions, varying the intensity of my runs. I also like to do cycle sessions and HIIT training.

I always start warming up, then cool down, and finish with good stretching to avoid injuries. Competitive thrill:

I love training squash because of the thrill of competition. The adrenaline rush of every match is intense. Due to the close quarters of the court, there is an enhanced sense of rivalry as we struggle to gain control and dominance. There is nothing like the exhilaration of a perfectly executed shot or the constant back-and-forth exchanges that makes squash such a stimulating sport.

Skill Improvement:

Squash is a sport that continually pushes me to develop my skills in order to improve my swing technique, practicing my accuracy, or increasing my court coverage. By doing a constant training, I see the progress I make, which is incredibly rewarding. In each shot, in every rally, and every match I learn something new, allowing me to develop as a player and make my overall game better.

The physical and mental strength acquired through squash training translates into different aspects of my life, making me a more disciplined athlete. Doing what you love is very satisfying!

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